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Discover a unique eye care experience tailored to your needs. Join Sharon Stone as she explores the latest eyewear collections and an assortment of quality lenses in-store. Our experts are there to guide her every step of the way, helping her find the perfect vision solution for her eyes and lifestyle.

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We offer a complete range of premium lens solutions, including the latest sun and clear lens technologies from the world’s leading brands. Simply choose the right option for you, from single vision to progressive lenses, and customize them to suit your vision and lifestyle.

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Want more than one option for your vision? We’re here for you. With a wide selection of standard and specialty contact lenses available, from daily disposable to two-week and monthly wear, you’re sure to find the perfect frameless solution for you.

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An annual eye exam is essential for maintaining your vision and checking for signs of underlying conditions. Using advanced digital technology, our CLARIFYE eye exam provides a digital fingerprint of your eye for a precise, personalized prescription.

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Kids’ eye exams are especially important to ensure proper visual development and to help them succeed in school. Discover our complete eye care experience for kids, with an assortment of stylish frames and lenses designed to take care of young eyes.

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Find the trendiest frames, from Michael Kors to Dolce&Gabbana and many others. No matter what style or brand you're looking for, we have year-long must have frames from top designer brands. Just the answer you're looking for.

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Our independent optometrists care about your vision and want you to see your best every day. They use the latest eye exam technology to offer you a personalized prescription and also recommend the right lens or contact lenses for you.

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It’s important to book a comprehensive annual eye exam to stay up to date with changes in your vision. Find out more about how to maintain your family’s eye health and why children’s eye care is essential for their development.

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Use your benefits on a wide range of vision solutions at LensCrafters. We accept most insurance plans, including:

Insurance plans may vary. Consult your benefits for details.
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For over 33 years, LensCrafters associates and Independent doctors have worked with OneSight to provide quality vision care to more than 9 million people in 41 countries. Together, we help the world see.

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